Color coding – secret to success

Some women believe that playing with color is risky and that a dress should always be in solid color. Others cannot imagine wearing such dress and want to break the pattern with accessories. What is color coding in fashion about and how to combine colors to make garments look tasteful and well-thought through?
For the past few years, a bit less conservative approach towards colors in fashion can be observed. It’s a universal thing, and even if one specific trend can be seen on the runways, at least a few pieces in the entire collection show a combination of colors and patterns that allow for more versatility.

A red dress

A red dress can be regarded two-fold. On the one hand, it’s a color which demands bold accessories that go well with the fiery character of the shade. As always, red does not mean only one thing. A red dress, depending on the tone, can be combined with black shoes, bags and black gem-stoned jewelry which will be appropriate for evening events and formal gatherings. On the other hand, a red dress will look stunning paired up with colorful additions, such as blue heels or ballerinas and handbags. Such look is great for daytime activities and cocktail outings.
The most appropriate length for the latter is midi. A red dress in itself does not need any patterns, however, and if there are any, they are subtle, not bold, because he color red speaks for itself, so it does not require geometrical patterns at all. For jewelry, the rule of thumb would be to choose gems that are of similar color to shoes, to ensure consistency and structure of the entire look.

A blue dress

A blue dress, on the other hand, can be regarded as much more universal. It’s one of those colors that go well with different skin tones, and it can be worn in a variety of ways. It’s appropriate for all ages – from children to older women and depending on the design of the dress; it can be well worn for both the evening and the daytime venues. The color blue can take many forms and shades – from baby blue to Oxford blue. It can be bold and energetic, most often used in spring and summer collections, or it can be as dim as possible to accentuate other elements in a dress or outfit.
Blue looks stunning with pearls and diamonds which makes it perfect for an evening outing, however, if too many black accessories will be chosen to go along with a blue dress, the look can appear a bit heavy. If a black jacket is chosen, it’s better to choose other accessories to go with the outfit.

A green dress

Green is one of the top colors used for both spring and autumn collections because it is naturally present in both seasons. The shades of green may differ and so do the textures but in general, green dresses, or such elements in them, go well with all beauty types. Green goes extremely well with other colors. To create an elegant and luxurious-looking outfit, it can be combined with golden elements which will then also limit the amount of jewelry worn with it. To make an exciting and surprising combination, it goes well with purple, especially magenta. For a more formal daytime look, such as a business meeting or day at work, white elements can be added and for an evening gathering, combine it with black. It’s always a good idea to wear green in winter and autumn to brighten up the season a little bit.

Young girls’ dresses

The principles of making children’s dresses are a bit different than those used when designing garments for an adult woman. Nowadays designers pay more attention to this target market as they see the trend of clothing young and teenage girls similarly to the style of their mothers, however, some things still need to be taken into consideration.
Children’s clothing, including the dresses, should never restrict their movements. Children love to play and when at school, they wear the same attire for many hours. Just as their mothers, when they go to work, they want to enjoy the clothes they wear. Designers often go to extra lengths to create pieces that will satisfy the fashion taste of young girls and will be appropriate for their age. The dress should never be too short, and if a tunic is the dress of choice, opaque leggings or Aladdin pants can be used to cover the legs.