Spring dress vs. winter dress – seasonal trends

What part do seasonal patterns play in completing the wardrobe of a modern woman? It appears that trends are significant for a modern woman and they are most visible in color. The use of well-made fabrics makes it possible to wear long dresses in the spring despite the hot temperature and to wear midi-length ones in winter.

What is a spring dress?

What is, therefore, the difference between the two? Spring season are often characterized by the color. It is apparently visible that spring brings lively color to the fashion industry, which means more colorful clothes can be observed on the runways and in catalogs. With this in mind, women can also choose from the selection of pastels – baby pink, sky blue and cantaloupe orange. What is important with such colors is that, despite being slightly dimmed, they work better paired with classic white or black. Such pairing brings out their brightness which works to the advantage of the woman wearing them.
With regards to the color used in the spring season, another trend can also be observed. The use of bold colors brings to mind nature waking up after the long and somewhat dull winter. Despite the popular belief, such colors can be used by women of the full figure to help them accentuate their high points and hide their flaws. With nature being the inspiration for such dresses, favorite colors include cornflower blue, dandelion yellow, and emerald green. A colorful spring dress can often be worn on its own or combined with fair accessories and jackets.
With regards to the form of the dress, one layer in the spring dress is preferred. A more airy style is also most often chosen. Therefore it can go well with both the high heels and the sandals. Women who prefer to wear dresses to pantsuits aren’t afraid to wear ballerinas and other types of flats with them because it gives their look the lightness which is appropriate for the warm weather.

What about the winter dress?

A winter dress is a whole other story when it comes to the thickness of the fabric or the style in which it is sown. Such a dress enjoys the addition of layers, both in the corset and in the skirt. Flutes can also be an excellent addition since they emphasize the seasonality of the dress.
In winter dress, fashionistas can observe a slight change in color – they are not as bright as in the spring/summer dress; however, this is not to say that only earthy tones can be observed. While it is true that brown and red are often used in the fall collections, they are usually broken with pastels as well. More vibrant ones, such as yellow, green and blue are taken down a bit and take the form of well pigmented mustard, juniper and pine, and indigo.
As far as patterns are concerned, they often resemble the natural forms such as flowers and trees but contrary to the spring dresses; they can also include geometrical forms. They are commonly used to make the dress appear a bit heavier than for the summer and spring collections due to the seasonality.

Classic collection – timeless pieces

Some women do follow one particular trend, which is eternal fashion. Such trend means that fashion is all about going with the forms, colors, and fabrics that work well regardless of seasonality or what is being presented on the fashion runways. Clothes, especially dresses, included in a classic collection can be worn both at an event and at an informal gathering, depending on the garment itself, and it can also be combined with various types of accessories. Versatility, universal use, and comfort often make them stand out. Why do so many women choose timeless classics?
There are things in fashion that are known to be the must-haves in the woman’s wardrobe. These include a white blouse, a pearl necklace, a pair of black, unembellished heels and a dress that can go with everything. A timeless dress can be any length as long as it is appropriate for a particular event – a dinner at the parents’ house or a cocktail party.
A classic collection dress can work on its own being a masterpiece in itself or it can serve as a base for the entire outfit. For example, when a solid color in the form of A-shape is worn, it can help emphasize the exquisite jewelry at a formal evening event. One with a vibrant pattern can be worn on its own, paired up with plain or solid-colored shoes to establish the great combination of the two. Timeless dresses also give plenty of room to play with the form on its own, regardless of the color or pattern. It can be short or long-sleeved, have flutes or pleats, belts to accentuate the waist or nothing at all. A classic dress should be well chosen for the silhouette to work for the woman wearing it, not the other way around.
What is considered a classic collection dress will always be appropriate to different types of outings, be it with friends or the family. It will be the thing that makes the women wearing it stand out from the crowd because it shows the thorough knowledge of how fashion works and what goes well together.